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I have spent some of my life successful and most of my life happy, but all of my life fat.

It doesn’t add up because, while not a genius, most would agree I am smarter than the average bear. In running an advertising agency, I spend a great deal of time trying to observe human behavior. Here is what is clear:


1) People that move more have less fat. People that move less often have more fat. This is not hard to understand, yet more people are getting bigger than anytime in our history. Running is okay. Biking is okay. Yoga is okay. Dancing is okay. Walking is okay.

2) People who eat less have less fat. People who eat more have more fat. They could not have made one of the culprit foods more obvious. It’s called FAT. If you eat more fat, you will get more fat. Simple as that, yet Golden Corral’s buffet is as busy as ever.


I’ve been there and done that. My intellect has helped me lose close to 425 pounds… yes, an amount equal to more than three human beings. I did it going to the gym, being conscious of what I ate and never drinking calories. Am I proud? Not really, because over that same time, I’ve also gained close to 495 pounds. I did it by getting tangled in my own schedule, looking for easy fixes and connecting eating to feelings. I’m clearly not alone. The average American weighs 30 pounds more than just a few decades ago.

But I know better, right?

There seems to be a massive gap between what my brain says and what my body does. I know what is good, but find comfort in what is bad as it makes me feel warm, safe and rewarded. Give me a plate of French fries with ketchup and everything, for a moment, is perfect. There is no healthcare crisis, no unemployment and no ISIS threats. I am left full, but foolish.

My challenge is not to get smart as much as it is to stay smart. To be patient. To blog less and sweat more. To invest my precious time in activities that move me forward rather than hold me back. To realize that doing just 5% more activity will come back to me with 5% more life.

Perhaps I should stop using my fingers to type and start using my brain to live. Food for thought.


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95% of life is spent on autopilot.

Then there’s the other 5%.