Get inspired. Never look back.

About us

95% of life is spent living on autopilot. We sleepwalk through days, sometimes months and years of our lives. 5% is the furthest thing from autopilot there is. It’s where we’re absolutely present and true – personal, professional or otherwise. Where we’re living, thinking or feeling with intent.

What you’ll find at The 5 Percent Club is the expression of people’s 5%. Inspiration. Moods. Epiphanies. Vulnerabilities. Surprises. Bravery. Humor. Thought starters and some thought closers, too.

All of it 5%.

Take us much or as little as you need on any given day. However much you take, we hope it inspires you to better live your 5%.


About us
Eitan Chitayat

Eitan Chitayat is the founder of The 5 Percent Club and the Natie agency. An international creative director and brand-builder, Eitan's been delivering marketing campaigns for global clients, big and small, for 15 years now. Amongst them: Apple, Volkswagen, Facebook, Google, and YouTube. He's lived in Hong-Kong, London, Tel Aviv, New York and Boston and is happily married with 2 beautiful kids who fill him with joy. "Every word counts" and "Yes, let's" are words he lives by.

95% of life is spent on autopilot.

Then there’s the other 5%.