Eitan Speaks His Heart At TEDx - eitan-chitayat-tedx

I recently had the great honor of being invited to TEDx Zuribërg, a TEDx event in Zurich, to talk about why I made my viral video, “I’m that Jew”. The talk is now online.

Standing on stage in front of an intimate audience, years after I completed the film, was deeply moving. I was able to re-live that whole period…to remember how it felt to read news of a horrific event, to hear a scared friend, to write from my heart, to make the movie, to proudly state my truth…and then witness as millions of others – Jews and non-Jews alike – followed suit and did the exact same thing by sharing my words.

“Watching how “I’m that Jew” went viral and impacted so many people in a positive way was a profound experience and it’s one I’ll always treasure. No matter who or what you are, I hope you continue to celebrate the story that is YOU. Because, at the end of the day, while we’re all different, aren’t we all the same? But different. But the same?

No one should have to live in fear.

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