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Three years ago a few good men had an idea. To do something that had never been done before;

Be the first men to ever row from the mainland of Europe to Iceland, the island in the middle of the ocean. The route had been sailed many many times before, but never rowed.

I was one of these men. I still don’t know why, the others were complete strangers but a chain of coincidence led me to the group.

We had no boat. No oars. No money. I could row just a little bit, but I had never been to sea before. Most people said we were completely crazy. The north Atlantic is one of the most difficult oceans on this earth, the weather unpredictable and currents going against for a good part of the sea route to iceland.

Today our mission is accomplished. We did it!


What did I learn from my hand blistering journey across the ocean, with its storms and 15 foot waves?

Four things:

1. A great idea rallies people to do great things.

2. A great idea will always sound crazy or impossible to some people.

3. A great idea is so much more fun to execute than a crappy idea.

4. A great idea is mediocre the second time around. (I mean who wants to be the second in history to do something?)

Anything is possible.


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