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Founder of 7OM Alchemy, Nicola Behrman is the Resident Energy Alchemist & Spiritual Sage at the Ojai Valley Inn & Spa in California. Born and raised in London, a Writer and Creative Mentor with an international creative client list in addition to her healing work, Nicola inspires individuals and communities to bring forward their most Authentic and Luminous Selves through their creative offerings and expressions. Shamanically trained and connected through the Peruvian tradition to the Pleaides Constellation, she travels the world blessing spaces, officiating weddings and leading guided shamanic meditation Journeys to the Stars. Twice a year, she leads the Celestial Journey, a seven week digital journey to be enjoyed from anywhere in the world to help you awaken to your Inner Magic & Magical Cosmic Connections. More information, individual meditations, healing words and sounds are available via the 7OM Alchemy digital sacred portal: and

95% of life is spent on autopilot.

Then there’s the other 5%.